Golfpackage 4-7 days

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Treat yourself to some lovely days of golf on our two 18 hole courses, the opportunity to take the lessons of our talented pro‘s and enjoy good food and drink in the restaurant and golf at Hooks Herrgård.

Seven greenfee tickets
Three course dinner, six nights
Lodging in doubleroom, six nights
Breakfast, six days

Price from 7 000 kr per person
Addition for a singleroom 1200 SEK

Five greenfee tickets
Three course dinner, four days
Lodging in doubleroom, four nights
Breakfast, four days

Price from 5800 kr per person
Addition for a singleroom 1000 SEK

Four greenfee tickets
Three course dinner, three days
Lodging in doubleroom, three nights
Breakfast, three days

Price from 4 600 kr per person
Addition for a singleroom 800 SEK

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Tonight`s meny

Our chefs prepare a delicious three course meal with natural ingredients of the highest quality. Tonight’s menu is predetermined, so let us know of any allergies in advance. In this way, we have a greater opportunity to cook something special for you.

Wine package

We believe that wine is an important part of the dinner, because the wine enhances flavors. Our sommelier recommends wines for the evening’s menu, prepare your pleasure with the pre-order our wine package. In the evening’s wine package includes: a glass to the entree, a glass filling with the main course and a glass of dessert. Price from 335 SEK

Hook’s Herrgårds facilities:

Golf, gym, canoes, rowing boats, sauna and jacuzzi. You can also visit our spa, price from 300 SEK.