Time is running out
The figh t for time is a fun and chal lenging  competition  where  everyone  can  take  part. The group will  be divided  into teams that will  meet in  multiple challenges. Every team picks one team mate for each turn  and  that team mate will face the other teams challenger.

On the track
This setup is similar to the popular Swedish game show “Pa sparet”, we start the journey somewhere in the world and the challenge is to figure out where we are heading. Team spirit is important when the teams knowledge is put to test, together you  have a  chance to figure out the answers to the  guestions about our destination.

Red departures
This activity combines our challenging activity “On the track” with a wine tasting. The teams figure out where we are heading, answers some guestions about the destination and together with a wine taster you try out a wine from the region.

The Conference mystery
To solve the mystery you will com pete in tea ms trough different  missions. Each  mission  won  gives the teams better chances of solving the final task and win the competition. There a re a va riety of cha llenges awaiting, puzzles to be solved and  tasks to be performed.  (can  be done  outdoors)

Live music quiz
Here you have an entertaining live music guiz, where you compete in teams while listening to a big variety of music from our troubadour. You are facing a lot of music related guestions after which we count the score and the winning team get their well -earned gold medals and of course the honor.