Activities within 100 kilometres

High Chaparral – Join the Adventure

Are you looking for a big adventure?  At High Chaparral there are captivating shows, fascinating heroes and villains, saloons with good food and drink and lots of other things to do. Put on your boots, saddle up the horse and load the cap gun ‘cause now you’re in the Wild West! Read more about the adventure at High Chaparral one hour´s drive from Hooks Herrgård.


On the island Visingsö there are a wealth of remains from the Stone Age. During the Middle Ages, the Swedish kings ruled their castle on the southern tip from here and in the 17th century the island became the center of the Braheska County which stretched on both sides of the lake. Today you can enjoy historical remains, beautiful nature, art and much more on beautiful Visingsö!

Stay in the polkagris town, border on your way there and watch polar crystals. From Hooks Herrgård it is about one hour´s drive to Gränna.

Skullaryd Mosse Park – wild animals in natural environment

Come close to a moose – the King of the forestand experience an interesting and exciting safari. The Moose Park is unique with the large number of deer that you can experience from our safari carriage. When we feed our moose and deer, you have the opportunity to meet the wonderful animals up close.

Skullaryd Moose Park with Café is located in the heart of Småland near Eksjö, 70 kilometres from Hooks Herrgård.

Skiing at Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg offers skiing on 10 groomed slopes at all levels. So whether you are a beginner or advanced, there are slopes here waiting for you to experience and enjoy. Isaberg is the largest ski resort in southern Sweden and offer skiing on 10 groomed slopes, from the child-friendly green to the breathtaking black. The modern six-seat expresslift takes you the whole way from the valley to the top of the mountain. As a complement you have 7 other ski lifts, together they help you spend more time skiing and less time waiting in queues. Isaberg Mountain Resort is situated 45 minutes from Hooks Herrgård.