Activities within 50 kilometres

I naturen


Nature reserve

Småland is rich in nature. There are great coniferous forests, flowering meadows, warm cliffs in the archipelago and lush birch forests. No matter where in Småland you are located, there is protected nature around the corner.

Around Lake Lyngemad, 2 kilometres from Hooks Herrgård, you can experience an exciting and very varied nature with centuries-old forests, rocky mountains, marshes and a cave. The environment in the reserve allows many unusual birds, mosses and lichens to live here. If you have a good trip, you might get a glimpse of the outside in the river Hästgången.

The Hatten Nature Reserve is located just east of Svenarum, 20 km south of Hooks Herrgård. The old barrels forest with deciduous trees and plenty of deadwood has provided the conditions for many rare species of mosses and lichens to enjoy themselves in Hatten. Here you can also see and hear the forest fowl or reindeer. For this purpose there are prepared and maintained hiking trails. In the northern part, at Puttebäcken, there is a shelter with fire place.

The Kingdom of Furniture

Sonarps Interiör is only a few kilometers from Hooks Herrgård. Closeby you can also find Swedese Möbler, Kinnarps, Byarums Bruk, Skillingaryds Designcenter. In Värnamo you can study Bruno Mathsson‘s work and you want to visit Svenssons in Lammhult and Norrgavel is about 7 miles from Hooks Herrgård.

The Museum of Matches

In Jönköping you can visit the single match museum in the world. It is housed in the beautiful wooden building from 1848, which was the first match factory in the city. Join an exciting journey from tree to finished match. You meet both people and machines that built the match industry and developed it into a worldwide company. Here you will find a match worker’s home, an exciting movie and thousands of boxes and labels. In the museum shop you can browse among boxes, labels and much more. The Museum of Matches


Asecs shopping mall has nearly 80 stores and restaurants where you can find everything you need. Fashion, food, health and beauty, home and housewares, shoes, sport, fitness and electronics. The mall is easy to find, just turn off the E4 highway (route 97), Read more about stores and parking at asecs.


Water wakes the child in everyone, and water is good exercise as soon as you start swimming, running and splashing. In Rosenlundsbaden’s water park, waves, waterfalls and streams add extra pleasure to children and adults. You visit the palm beach, relax in the whirlpool and even in the winter you can swim in the free area. Rosenlundsbadet is located in Jönköping.