Cycling in Småland

With Hooks Herrgård as a starting point there’s almost endless possibilities to experience great cycling, close to nature. Surging through the landscape the small roads, both gravel and asphalt, make up of great cycling routes for relaxation as well as being great training facilities for your next bicycle race. Experienced road cycling enthusiasts as well as beginners could head back happy to the mansion for a well deserved dinner or maybe a massage at the spa.

The gravel roads in the nearby areas is something out of the ordinary. Heading out on a mountainbike or gravel bike you will find yourself in the middle of green deep forests that then out of nowhere opens up to unveil lakes such as Fängen and Lyngemadssjön. For the true MTB-enthusiast there is a short journey by car to Jönköping and Värnamo, cities that hosts many mountainbike courses to discover.

At Hooks Herrgård you will be able to experience the forests of Småland just outside the door step, and what better way to do that then from the seat of a bike. Bringing your bicycle to Hook should be as obvious as bringing your golf clubs. Go out and explore on your own, be inspired by our route suggestions or rent both a bike and a guide through Cycling Jönköping to make sure to get the some of the best cycling in Sweden.

Places to stop for coffee or views;

  • Lake Lyngemadssjön nature reserve; the forests and moors is the home of rare birds and plants. Cycling round Lake Hokasjön and a stop by Lake Fängen should be on your to-do-list.
  • For great coffee breaks there is many options; Leva Café & Hemma, Byarums Hembygdsgård (summer only) and Ritz Konditori in Vaggeryd. For longer routes you will also find Rosettens Konditori in Taberg.
  • For tougher cycling climbs head west to Tomtabacken (a hill that leads to Småland´s highest point), go to the top of Taberg (north west) or go for classic cycling climb Klevaliden in Huskvarna. Great views and great workouts.

Cycling is about experiences, training, food and relaxation. So whether you are getting ready for Vätternrundan or just want to find peace with a bike ride in beautiful surroundings Hooks Herrgård is just a great starting point for bicycling in Sweden.

Rent bicycles at Cycling Jönköping. To book a guide or questions about routes, get in touch at or


Gravel 16k/20k. Best of Lake Lyngemadssjön

North of Hooks Herrgård lays Lake Lyngemadssjön nature reserve. These two shorter routes takes you on winding gravel roads passing by purling streams and stunning forest areas. The curious cyclist will find many more small roads and trails to explore in this area as well. (short) (long)


Gravel 32k. – Lake Loop

On the opposite side of the main road leading to Hooks Herrgård a gravel roads leads west towards lakes Fängen and Sandsjön. As many visitors before you the nature here will make you stop more than once. The route turns north towards Ödestugu before heading south again. Be aware of a longer climb before reaching the descent leading home to Hooks Herrgård and Lake Hokasjön.


Road 30k – The Early bird

Perfect route for a morning spin before breakfast or an intense interval before dinner. The routes passes villages Vaggeryd and Svenarum. If you are new to road cycling this might be a good choice.


Road 50k – Little Småland   

As close to perfect as a 50k cycling route could be. You cycle past the best of what Småland has to offer; sprawling forests, glittering lakes and quiet farmsteads. Ride on small roads towards Svenarum and Malmbäck before heading for Ödestugu and back to Hooks Herrgård.


Road 70k – Farmers route

This route takes you on the local cyclists favourite roads and surely you will meet more people on two wheels. The landscape shifts between dense forests and open farmland and the winding roads has little traffic making this a really enjoyable ride. During the summer months stopping for coffee in Byarum with traditional and locally produced cookies will do magic to tired legs. Furthest north on the route you could make a short detour to Taberg. Head up to the top of the old mine for a great view or just have a coffee at the local bakery.


Mountainbike, 35k, A bit of everything

Use the marked trail, Höglandsleden, going west from Hooks Herrgård towards Vaggeryd (orange trail markings). The route contains gravel roads and wider trails. You will pass on a small bridge in the middle of lakes Fängen and Sandsjön. From here you will go west of Vaggeryd before reaching some trails south of the village. Gravel roads then takes you back to Hooks Herrgård. This routes work for beginner as well as more experienced cyclists.


Mountainbike 55k, Back and forth

This longer mountainbike route leads north on gravel roads. After 20k you will reach Tenhult and a 10k marked MTB-trail. The trail varies with single track and broader sections but also have some more technical challenges. Heading south again more beautiful gravel roads takes you back to dinner and spa at Hooks Herrgård.


If you have a car there is plenty more options for mountainbiking with several trail areas in Jönköping and Värnamo. Used for the much appreciated European, Nordic and Swedish MTB-championships. This would be approximately a 20 to 25 minutes car ride. Länk: