Park Course and Forest Course

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On the Hook Manor we can offer two scenic 18 hole golf courses with very good reputation among Swedish golfers. Park Course, is an open golf course that runs along Hokasjön. Park Course was built in 1934 and is one of Sweden’s oldest golf courses. Forest Course is a little trickier and incredibly beautiful with the setting of the forest in Småland.

Training Area

There are generous practice facilities with two driving ranges and different putting surfaces. In our golf studio, you can get custom fitting where your swing analyzed and then try out clubs to suit your game.


Park Cource length 6093 m
Forest Course length 6015 m





Senior, 18 holes 495 SEK 595 SEK
Senior, 36 holes 740 SEK 940 SEK
Junior, 18 holes 250 SEK 350 SEK

Golf cart

18 holes

All day

Renting fee 350 SEK 550 SEK

To get the golf cart rental is required that you hold a driving license. The car should be run in the field.
Please note that weather and soil conditions can cause the car stopped.

Car booked through booking at Hooks Golf Club + 46 (0) 393-214 20

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