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Menu for the evening

Warm welcome to the manor's new restaurant for a tasty meal. Is there a three course dinner in your package? You will select your menu from the dishes below when you sit at the table. Groups over 12 people pre-order menu.

Now we change some of the summer dishes to use seasonal ingredients.
The menu below can therefore be changed at short notice.


See Weed Caviar
Levain, vegan crème fraiche, pickled red onion & lemon

Cabbage roll
Savoy cabbage & shitake filling, kimchi mayonnaise, pickled carrot, fried scallions & roasted cashews

Hooks "Skagen"
Shrimps, crayfish roe, rainbow trout roe, smoked crème fraiche, lemon & rye chips

Cured Halibut

Beetroot, yuzu jelly, truffle emulsion, black caviar, mushroom mayonnaise, cured & smoked egg yolk


Overnight baked Sirloin Steak
Pickled cucumber, red & yellow beetroot, truffle cream, truffle pecorino & fried onion


Bleak roe from Kalix
Levain, sour cream, pickled red onion & lemon
(Additional 89 SEK)


Five pieces with traditional accessories



Tartar on beetroot & tomato
Truffle crème, potato crisp, pickled red onion, soy pearls & french fries

Grilled leeks
Roasted artichoke puree, artichoke chips, blueberry compote, honey yogurt & mushroom demi glaze

Beef filet Tournedos
Mustard cream, egg emulsion, caramelized onion, demi glace, asparagus broccoli & potato mousseline

Baked cod loin
Lobster sanderfjord, crawfish empanada with pickled radish & potato mousseline


Entrecôte with french fries, bearnaise sauce & baked cherry tomatoes



Caramel mousse
with pumpkin seed sable, sour cream ice cream, passion fruit jelly & passion fruit meringue

Almonds & chocolate mousse
On a brownie base, banana jelly, banana ice cream, whipped dulce ganache, roasted chocolate & tulliflan


Crème Brûlée


Cheese Plate
Swedish cheese from Brostorp with accompaniments
Contain nuts

Wine package

 Wine is an important part of the dinner, where the wine enhances the flavors. Our sommelier recommends well-chosen wines for your menu, prepare your enjoyment by pre-ordering our wine package with a glass per dish, price from 395 SEK.


Á la carte

Tree course menu with optional starter, main course and dessert 650 SEK
Two course menu with optional main course and starter or dessert 520 SEK
Main course 390 SEK