If you stay at the manor, you should feel at home and at the same time as a royal. Pleasant but with the little extra.

Our 103 rooms are distributed in Herrgården and the wings; The Miss Wing, the Rose Wing, the Tractor Wing, the Lake Villa, Beach Cottage and The South Wing. Most of the rooms are double rooms and the suites can be found in Herrgården and in Sörlängan. And which suites then. Here is the luxury that applies in every centimeter. In Sörlängan you have your own patio where you can enjoy the fresh Småland air, fireplace to cozy up in front of and bath to bubble in the night in. The manor's suite is located on two grand floors, with sofa groups and bathtubs.

Have a drink in the room before dinner ? Nice, we think. Therefore, all rooms have a minibar. Also necessities such as TV and wifi, telephone to call loved ones to tell you how cozy you are and of course both toilet and shower.

Whether you are with us on conference, party or romantic weekend you will stay and feel quite lovely, it we make sure.

Our hotel rooms

Our hope is you will feel both like home and like a royalty spending the night Hooks Herrgård; Simply homey, with a silver lining. 


We house 103 beautiful and unique hotel rooms, allocated in the manor, the wings and side buildings The Miss Wing, The Rose Wing, The Cavalier Wing, The Innkeeper Wing, The Lake House, The Beach Cottage och The South Wing. The majority are double rooms, but if you’d like to book one of the suites they’re located in the manor and Sörlängan. The suite in the manor is a duplex and holds all the manor luxury you can imagine. In Sörlängan you will have your own private terrace, fireplace and a cosy bath to rewind.


Start the night off with a drink in the comfort of your own room? Sounds lovely. That’s why we equipped all rooms with a minibar. Along with the necessities like an en-suite bathroom, shower, TV and WIFI - and a telephone to call all your loved ones with.


Regardless if you’re staying with us for leisure, a conference, festivity or a romantic weekend, we promise you will live and feel amazing.


The manor is the heart of the facility (one of them at least) and where you will find our reception, beautiful 18th century halls, the restaurant and a total of 13 rooms, either overlooking the lake or the courtyard. They have all recently been renovated yet are kept in true manor feel. To make the stay pleasant all rooms include air conditioning, coffee machine and bathtub, along with the basic necessities. If you’d like to stay in the manor, it will be in a deluxe double room or a suite in two levels. There are amenities such as a lift and the rooms are in connection to the spa area should you wish to combine your visit with a relaxing spa treatment.

Hooksherrgård Rum Gult 3


Kavaljersflygeln is located just a few metres from the manor, only a staircase away from the spa. It holds 15 rooms, six deluxe double rooms, seven double rooms, one small double room (140 cm bed) and one single room. All with air conditioner.


Right next to the manor you’ll find Rosenflygeln with its 15 rooms. They consist of three deluxe double rooms, five standard double rooms, two small double rooms (140 cm bed) and five single rooms. All including air conditioning. If you’d like a view of the lake -a few of the rooms got it, and else you’ll have the manor’s terrace next door to enjoy it from.

Rosen Rgb


Frökenflygeln is located 30 metres from the main building and the one closest to the conference center, which makes it perfect if you’re visiting because of one. The wing holds a total of 12 rooms; three deluxe double rooms, seven double rooms and two single rooms. All of them with air condiotioner.

Traktören Rum


Looking for spacious rooms, Traktörflygeln is your ideal choice. Some of them can take up to six people which makes it suitable for example a family with children. You will also find five deluxe double rooms (4-6 beds), and one single room. Three of them have their private balcony with view of the lake and one of them its own private patio.


Sörlängan is located next to the golf courses with only 100 meters to the closest tee. There are 28 rooms; a suite and 27 double rooms, all with air conditioner. In our romantic, spacious suite there’s a large en-suite bathroom with a bathtub as well as a private patio – a perfect place to gaze at the stairs, if you ask us.

Rum Sörlängan
Strandstugan 291


Right by Hokasjön you’ll find Strandstugan, its closest neighbour is the spa and it got its own private terrace, which is a perfect place to enjoy a morning swim from. Strandstugan got eight rooms, two four-bed rooms , two standard double rooms and four single rooms.


If you enjoy a little privacy and being near the water, Sörlängan is located just like that. It holds six rooms, two double rooms and four single rooms.

Sjövillan 206 VII

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