Smoothies 2

Spa Conference

Isa perfect for you who would prefer to live in a spa (at least a day). Almost all of the conference-time is spent there, in comforting clothes with a focus on tranquility, creativity and relaxation. A lot of the important decisions we would say are taken in a relaxed environment, maybe in the sauna or a warm outside spring so why not hang out here all day instead of briefly before dinner?

Suggestions for the program:

• Start the day with a calm and gentle workout focusing on mobility
• Serve a smoothie and sandwich that makes your health good
• Meeting on site as you wish, perhaps overlooking Lake Hokasjön?
• Enjoy lunch at the spa department
• Enjoy 20 minutes of spa treatment - and continue to the spa
• Continue discussions and meetings where you enjoy your best, we snuggle in with afternoon coffee and you have the opportunity to pause with a refreshing dip our cold source
• For the evening you are invited to a three course dinner
• End the day relaxed and satisfied with a coffee or tea in the lounges before you fall asleep in one of our hotel rooms
• The next day, a hearty breakfast buffet and maybe another turn in the pool or sauna?


Does that sound like something to you?