Hooks Golf Center


Office, shop, restaurant, locker rooms, relaxation area, gym and club room are gathered in Hooks Golf Center. Everything to make your best and offer the best service. Golf restaurant is open during the golf season from start in April and closes in mid-October.


Our golf center is also our office to help you with anything related to your tee time or golf tournament. Here‘s yardage and score card and the opportunity to profit reporting via cell phone using Gamebook.


The golf shop you will find everything you need whether you‘re a beginner or professional golfer. In partnership with Golf Store, we offer the best selection and overall concept. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff is at your service with good advice. Whether you want to buy, rent or repair the customer our full attention.

Peter Grimfjord and Eddy Ericsson, headpro at Hook, are two of Sweden’s best golf instructors, working with two other skilled instructors.

Dressing room

There are showers and sauna. Adjacent to the changing rooms is a fully equipped gym.